Nano Double Sided Transparent Magic Tape

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Value Deals: 5 meter/ 16 feet
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This transparent Nano Tape is incredibly strong, durable and easy to use. This sticky transparent tape can be used for Multiple Purposes.

Length: 5 Meter/ 16 feet

STRONG VISCOSITY: These tape are made from the latest acrylic-gel material which is why they can easily hold items.

ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY: It is made out of Non-Toxic recyclable, environmentally friendly material.

EASY TO INSTALL: The double-sided trace less tape can be easily cut to your desire length and pressed to the smooth and dry surfaces.

REUSABLE: These tapes can be used many times. You can wash the tape with water and dry it to regain its stickiness. 

You can use it to fix or paste items such as frames, carpets, power sockets and remote controls etc.

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